JsFusion JavaScript Framework


JsFusion is a JavaScript Framework designed to work together with technologies such as @hotwired/turbo to seamlessly apply client functionality to HTML templates dynamically. It is greatly inspired on Stimulus (improving upon it) and somewhat inspired in ReactJS and VueJS (borrowed some syntax strategies and implementations)

Current version

The current version is experimental and feature complete with a few exceptions (listed below). Usage in production environments should be heavily monitored as it's prone to have a few bugs. Feel free to experiment with it and suggest features, fixes and improvements.

This section will be updated as development progresses.

Missing features include:

  • Mutation Observer functionality
  • Plugin System for extensions (ability to parse new attributes and ability to react to new bind strategies)


This framework is thought with extensibility in mind. You will be able to easily extend the functionality of this framework by applying changes to Runtime before the call to start().

Some aspects that can be extended are:

  • Attribute Handling: You will be able to extend the number of data- prefixed attributes so that when they are added or changed, your parsing method will be called.
  • data-bind special cases: You will be able to extend the data-bind attribute parsing so that new binding strategies can be established.